The Road: Save our streets

28 January 2016
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During the tough old days of a repressive regime, Sophiatown was a beacon of hope. One of the first areas where black South Africans had the rare right to own land and property. It was also an area that was free of segregation and as a result, blacks, coloureds, Asians and whites lives side by side.

This kind of laissez faire system gave people of colour as sense of agency and self-determination. Something that posed a threat to the anti-black regime of the time. With more blacks migrating to the cities, the city council passed slum clearance programmes that were really aimed at shedding the black presence in the inner cities.

Taking back the streets

Sophiatown came under pressure as more black people took ownership alongside their white counterparts in surrounding suburbs.

Dirty cops like De Kock were plenty and with the help of gangs and sellouts worked against the people of Kofifi to sabotage their crimes rates by fuelling the violence.


Using the Immorality Act of 1950 and - later on - the Natives Resettlement act of 1954 the government went ahead and looted Kofifi with a military army of 2000 to uproot a defenseless people.

As the new gang leader, Styles is in a position to influence change. Will he help fight crime or will he be a bad seed?

Standing in the way

Watch as history plays itself out in Kofifi.

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