The Road: Over the edge

11 December 2015
The Road: Over the edge Image : 748
It’s official. Zoe wins for pulling the largest, most unassuming, wool over our eyes. In, quite possibly, a move of the year, Zoe’s revealed herself as far more calculating and dark than she appears. Zoe may’ve won over Bheki’s heart as well as the sympathy of many, but for Kedi, it was all too good to be true.

Driven by a jealousy that took root back in the days of Zwelakhe - when it was rumoured that she had flirted with the boss. Kedi’s scorn for Zoe has only worsened since then. She went from calling her names to a full out inquest on the girl.

Convinced that Zoe was hiding something Kedi took it upon herself to invade her home, snoop around her room and finally loot her belongings. But what happened next had us rubbing our eyes to make sure we weren’t seeing things. Zoe pulls out an envelope from a hiding place, tears it open and out of it came none other than diamonds. She neatly empties the coveted pearlies from a couple of pouches.

But this was only the tip of an alarming iceberg. Having found news paper clippings Kedi put two-and-two together and concluded that Zoe came to avenge her mothers suicide. She figured the woman was another of Zwelakhe’s lovers who killed herself after he rejected her.

When you come to think of it, this story is starting to sound a lot like the one Xoli confessed to the detective during her interrogation.

When Kedi confronted Zoe with all these allegations it was enough to push someone over the edge.

Does this mean she stole the diamonds and proceeded to kill Zwelakhe after that?

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