The Road: Once a gangster

22 January 2016
The Road: Once a gangster Image : 789
It was tough at first for Styles. When the Cowboys, with the help of Mayors men, wiped out the Germans. On that fateful night at Sis Vicky’s drinking hole, the German’s holding the people of Kofifi ransom and hostage, came to an end.

As the main man of the Cowboys, it fell on Styles to take Bogart’s place. Many already saw him as their leader. But the shift from role model to gangster wasn’t swift for Styles. And losing Big V’s support made it even harder.

Styles’ biggest fear was becoming a heartless killer and tormentor, like every other gangster on the streets of Sophiatown. But he soon took up the role, making himself and everyone a promise not to turn against them.

Here’s the thing about being a gangster though, he’s already on the wrong side of the tracks, good man or no. But under a system like apartheid, a regime that was against the people, a tool of sabotage to the people, gangs kept the communities safe, at a charge – called a protection fee.

The Cowboys were in charge of the streets now. Styles, the king of them. He would soon learn that the language of gangsters was violence and it was language he couldn’t avoid using. He needed it to deal with chancers, deceivers and delinquent men who harassed women.

He certainly needed it to finally get rid of Bogart and Goni. But can Styles really be a good gangster with all that’s expected of him?

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