The Road: Of labour and legacy

18 November 2015
The Road: Of labour and legacy Image : 710

Sometimes, good guys finish last. It’s a terrible cliché, and Zakes is hurled into the middle of its lesson. Another alarming truth he has to learn about life, or rather, his new world as it is shaped by Zwelakhe Masondo’s death and dealings. Talk about leaving a legacy.

The reality is that it’s all evolving into a gigantic moral debt, right before his eyes. Every moment reveals a new rotten fact. The more he learns the more he regrets everything, the deeper he is dragged into the mess of Silas, Zwelakhe and a contemptible missing briefcase of blood diamonds.

In too deep

Monty was right about Silas, and Zakes is finding it hard to digest. But, as it turns out, there is a bigger monster to deal with here, and he goes by the name of Katanga, Fickson Katanga. Silas is only a cog in a machine. Zwelakhe was an even greater cog. He was much more instrumental as the last guy to have the briefcase in his possession. But now that he is no longer, the buck stopped with Silas.

But without the briefcase Silas had to come up with a million US Dollars. He’s since been sucking Bambatha’s accounts dry. Until Zakes found out.

Good gone bad

Now the buck has stopped on his door. But is Zakes too good to see these shipments through?

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