The Road: Named and framed

20 January 2016
The Road: Named and framed Image : 783
A new week in, Zoe continues to shock with a new set of lies and misleading behaviour. She’s got everyone wrapped around her pinky finger, secretly controlling things in the reigns. Taking every opportunity to lie as a stepping stone to do some lying.

When she was questioned by Bheki’s lawyer - only moments after she consoled his aunt Cynthia as she broke down, crying because the case was finally looking in their favour – Zoe ran to the lawyer and unfolded the next big lie.

Liar, liar

It was a close call and the case could’ve been broken, even with Pule Shezi killed. But Zoe escaped it, remaining a step ahead of the investigation.

Blinded, Bheki still won’t believe that Zoe could do such a thing, and sadly can’t see the woods for the trees. How could he? How could she use his closeness against him? That’s not the Zokthula he remembers.

But Bheki’s family, save for an increasingly skeptical Cynthia, still believe that he would never do such a thing. Both Liyana and Bra Sol are willing to fight tooth and nail to defend Bheki and expose the real killer.

Misplaced loyalties

Beyond figuring out that Zoe is the culprit, do you think they’ll ever be able to prove it with Zoe always a step ahead?

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