The Road: Motive, means and opportunity

23 October 2015
The Road: Motive, means and opportunity Image : 671
In the midst of last week’s drama with Stella leaving home and Silas getting his chops handed to him by war-lord Fickson, we may have lost sight of Warrant Officer Shezi. But just as the show goes on, so does the investigation of Zwelakhe’s murder. This time around he interrogates two contentious figures around the case: Monty and Silas.

To many, both Silas and Monty are the prime suspects. Silas reeks of corruption thanks to the issue of the briefcase. He is underhanded, and although it may be clear to the naked eye, it isn’t so easy to prove. Shezi had this to learn when he called Silas in for a question-and-answer session.

Already miles ahead, a cunning Silas came to Shezi prepared with a legal eagle by his side and his game face, or rather, a poker face painted on. With a neat statement from his lawyer Silas managed to worm his way out of it. While the session was short Shezi seemed to know that a guy like Silas could never stay out of trouble long enough.

Monty, on the other hand, was ready to answer all of Shezi’s questions, if perhaps too candid. Armed with nothing but conviction Monty revealed enough motive, means and opportunity to close the case and turn him in.

But it’s really in laying his soul bare, as opposed to being cagey, that renders Monty’s statement somewhat more honest that Silas. Also something tells us that behind all that resentment for his father, all he ever wanted was a loving father.

But that doesn’t quite mean the jury is out on these two. Who, however, has the greatest motive?

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