The Road: Mama’s love

18 October 2015
The Road: Mama’s love Image : 663
Where would we be without our parents? With a mother like Stella’s and Sis Vicky, don’t we know it. From overbearing and overprotective to unreasonable, can a mother’s love smother their children’s dreams?

Back in the days of Kofifi, parents were strict. Whether religious and devout like Stella’s mom or no-nonsense and street wise like Sis Vicky. Children obeyed their parents without question, because they the belief then was that kids were meant to be seen and not heard.

A rising star in the Sophiatown, Stella’s mom finally got ahold of BEAT magazine to find out that her daughter had been carrying on a secret singing career, something which she’d forbid any of her kids to do. But Stella wants to pursue her talents and be a star.

This week, after being held back by her fears, she braved a photo shoot for beat after Themba had encouraged her to face her mom. When she rushed home to come out clean to her mom, it was already too late as she came down on her like a ton of bricks.

No daughter of mine!

In the end, if Stella ends up fending for herself in the Kofifi, how will her mom have protected her?

Back at the shebeen, Sis V would clearly beg, borrow and bribe a dirty cop to keep her Senzo out of trouble. She seems awfully familiar with that police officer though. They clearly have a history.

Leave my laightie out of it!

Times were tough and the streets were rough. Can you blame these parents?

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