The Road: Kill or be killed

29 January 2016
The Road: Kill or be killed Image : 802
They don’t call Kingdom a well-connected man for nothing. As a high profile government official with a bank of favours to cash in and impenetrable security, the guy is as good as untouchable. He’s maneuvered, killed, tortured and paid his way out of being caught out as the leader of a diamond smuggling syndicate.

After years of personal investigation on Kingdom’s illicit dealings, Salome had run out of devices, tricks and hope of ever catching the fat cat embezzler. The one thing that ever meant anything to her was exposing the man that mowed down her whole family. It was important that he pay for her suffering.

It's time

So she pulled on her disguise, stepped into her heals and took matters into her own hands. The vendetta was personal. Killing him, although a drastic measure, was only fair. And she was going to pull the trigger.

She had it all planned out and she was going to use her powers of seduction, because those never fail. But in the moment, facing Kingdom and raising a gun to his head proved a tough act to follow. She went from taking her power back, to weeping as bad memories came flooding back, to everything backfiring.

Fight and flight

Luckily she was able to free herself from his grip and flee. But now she’s as a good as an asylum seeker because Kingdom will stop at nothing to find her and torture the truth out of her, or else kill her. Having turned her back on Zakes, just who is going to come to her rescue and if he did, could he fight off Kingdom?

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