The Road: Innocent until proven guilty

13 November 2015
The Road: Innocent until proven guilty Image : 700
When a murder happens, everyone points a finger to the likely villain. The guy we all don’t trust. As if he has the work ‘killer’ etched onto his forehead and ‘arrest me’ splashed on his backside with the blood of the murdered. The truth is anyone and everyone is capable. But don’t take our word for it, let Warrant Officer Pule Shezi tell it.

For this week’s round of questions, he sent for Zoe. Surely he’s got his wires crossed? This is the harmless coffee girl from a humble background. Bheki’s soft-spoken, well-mannered love interest. With a fetching face and a chaste smile like that, surely she’s know no wrong and couldn’t even kill a fly.

But the worst intentions hide in the places we would least expect. This is where an expert sherlock comes in. If Shezi was not distracted by Kedi’s allure he most certainly won’t fall for the sweet and innocent act.

While she may be on a set, do you believe that Zoe is acting? That behind her dewy grin lays a corrupt lady-murderer with pent up daddy rage and the cunning to orchestrate an upper-echelon crime?

Shezi seems convinced of it. So much so that he’s decided that, based on her past suffering and the fact that she handles the Bambatha’s beverage needs, coupled with the assumption that Zwelakhe was going to fire her for flirting, when she didn’t, she’s no longer a suspect, but the killer all the motive needed.

A bit far fetched?

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