The Road: In bad hands

19 February 2016
The Road: In bad hands Image : 838
Bambatha is under new management now and things are going to chance. While Silas put the business in the worst kind of danger, his death amounts to a profound shift. The family business is no more. In the hands of estranged daughter turned serial killer Zoe and the heartless Kingdom, is there any hope for Bambatha?

Bheki was granted a bit of hope this week when he met with Zoe and she confessed to everything. She gave a flimsy testimony that was full of doubt. Full enough to discredit her in the eyes of the law. According to his lawyer this was his golden ticket out of prison and sure enough, the green light was passed.

But not if Zoe had any part of it. All she really handed Bheki in that confessional, was false hope and a phoney set of tears, while she plotted more knee-buckling sabotage in the background.

She’d gone too far to lose everything now. Using her new immunity idol, Kingdom, how long can she delay the truth from coming out?

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