The Road: Guilty until proven innocent

23 December 2015
The Road: Guilty until proven innocent Image : 757
What do you do when you realise that you’ve run out of luck? When all the evidence points to you and the odds stack against you? But you did nothing. All Bheki is guilty of is being at the wrong place at the wrong time. He may have found Kedi on the stairs, cried out for help and stayed to make sure she was carried away with dignity, but it’s still all in vain.

The real killer is right under his nose. Right there beside everyone, Zoe’s skilfully managed to cover her tracks and come out looking even more spotless than ever before.

She would never! 

Everyone has a vice and, as a boxer, Bheki has a tendency towards the brutish. But the guy is a gentleman. The chivalrous kind that puts a lady first. So when he fell in love with Zokthula, all he ever wanted to do was protect her. But all he’s done is walk deeper into a trap set by the very person he’s trying to protect.

Blood on his hands

As a history of violence and run-ins with the cops came back to haunt him, it starts to matter less and less that he’s actually innocent. For a cop like Shezi, Bheki is the kind of guy who’d have enough motive to have hurled Kedi down a flight of stairs an to an untimely death.

After a darker, alarmingly sinister side of Zoe was unmasked in the events that led to Kedi’s killing, we have to ask ourselves if Zoe ever did love Bheki.

Fooler and fooled

As she slides down a slippery slope of secrecy versus a heavy jail sentence, is she justified in selling Bheki down the river?

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