The Road: Good cop, bad cop

05 November 2015
The Road: Good cop, bad cop Image : 690
People, lets not forget that a murder, a very significant one at that, took place. It has gone on to shroud the Bambatha studios, crew and staff, with grief, scandal, betrayal and corruption. Who on earth killed Zwelakhe?

Solving a murder mystery is notoriously difficult, not to mention tedious and puzzling. While good cop Warrant Office is back on duty, he may be shooting blanks this time around.

During his sit-down with temptress and lead actress Kedi, who plays the endearing Stella in ‘Kofifi’, Shezi revealed his talent for digging up information, but with no conclusive evidence what he arrived at, while convincing, was pie in the sky.

But onto the riskier side of things, Godfrey unbuttoned his white collar shirt to reveal his inner Batman. Unfortunately though it remains a meaningless costume as he fails to do away with the bad and is kidnapped within an inch of his life.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.49.10 PM

What’s worse is, after going to lengths, ducking and diving in the shadows of Bambatha to find the evidence that Deep Throat asked him for, he still couldn’t escape danger.

On the subject of Deep Throat, who would’ve known that spin doctor and PR lady Salome also doubled up as an undercover internet spy?

But what does she get out of it?

With Godfrey missing in action an Shezi back at square one, things are not looking good for the fight for justice so far, that’s for sure.

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