The Road: Die poppe sal dans

25 September 2015
The Road: Die poppe sal dans Image : 634

While a roaring good time was often had, the 1950’s in Sophiatown was a tough place to be. From petty criminals meandering slyly about in between the crowds to gangsters, clad in the finest Italian apparel, perched on a corner of “Kofifi” that they’d marked as their territory. One couldn’t even trust the dirty cops who walked the beat. The streets and shebeen halls were vibrant but not always the safest.

The salty Sis Vicky, Kofifi’s very own shebeen queen, ran her illicit establishment with an iron fist. And when the cops come knocking, looking for a killer, she enters a hostile face-off with the white police officer and guards her own with her life. Her son Senzo is the reason for their abrupt visit, after rumours started doing the rounds. The boy punched the living daylights out of a drunkard who insulted his mother.

But in a twist of fate, defending his moms honour looks like it may lead him to the very thing that his mom warned him against; boxing. Big V, coach at the local boxing club picks up on Senzo talent with his fists and convinces him to join the other boxers, and quite possibly be the champion boxer among them, much to Sis V’s dread.

Kodwa why is she so adamant about keeping her son from the boxing ring? Something tells us that there is much more to that story.

Who could blame her for wanting to protect her shy Senzo? Kofifi was after all, a gangsters paradise with many men making a career out of crime. Much like Styles and his gang, who call themselves ‘The Cowboys.

This week, after a Themba told him to develop some guts, Styles and his gang agree to move from small time petty crime to a bigger robbery. But this means that they’d be up against ‘The Germans’ led by the Bogart. Now ‘The Germans’ are a big deal gang in ‘Kofifi’, much more dangerous than the measly three ‘Cowboys’.

Watch as ‘The Cowboys’ attempt to blind side ‘The Germans’ and move in on their territory. This is certainly not going to end well.

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