The Road: Backs against the wall

09 December 2015
The Road: Backs against the wall Image : 745

Detective Shezi is a thorough cop who’s able to bring even the darkest of secrets into the light. He saw past Kedi’s flattery, pierced through Monty’s icy exterior, and remember when he dismantled an ever composed Xolile to expose her as quite the liar?

Surely you can’t put anything past the warrant? Until a little thing called ‘human error’ creeps up from behind. Try as he may have, a trained keeper-of-secrets, Shezi has made a mistake. And that mistake is trusting someone.

Wrong guy to trust

When Zakes confessed to everything, following the cold-blooded murder of Godfrey, he asked the detective whether he could be trusted. Only for Shezi to throw all trust out the door in a bid to safeguard it. How much of Shezi enlisting Kingdom as one of his trusted contacts, is a coincidence?

But Zakes has more to worry about. Salome’s, or rather Zaza’s safety. Her family was victim to Kingdom cruelty, in the past. She lost them all and since then, it’s been her mission to find the man at the centre of it all and exact justice.

It's Zaza, not Salome

With a man as influential and connected as Kingdom, do Zakes, Shezi and Zaza stand a chance?

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