The Road: Assail and slay

18 December 2015
The Road: Assail and slay Image : 756

Times were truly tough back in the days of the regime. If black people weren’t crushed under the paralyzing weight of poverty, they were certainly pounded by cops, robbers and gangs. A new day posed a new threat and the value of life cheapened and cheapened. But the Germans could care less. A power-hungry Bogart would govern the streets by hook or crook or often, both.

The residents of Kofifi were held at gun point for a “protection fee” to be paid to the Germans at their whim and cruelty. But the irony doesn’t end there. The cops offered no help, arriving only to harass and degrade locals who had to reproduce a “dompas” just to walk down the street.

In a world of unfair ironies hung over their heads, Styles and his siblings, Sis Vicky and her Senzo, the Cowboys; they had to fight like with like. With dark-horse Mayor at the helm, the Germans were forced to their knees and repelled like how you would flees.

But does this make Styles a criminal, Mayor a killer and Sis Vicky a liar? More importantly, has Kofifi seen the last of the Germans?

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