The Road: Another false alarm

11 February 2016
The Road: Another false alarm Image : 821
During the days of the #FindStella campaign, Bambatha and Bab’Themba fell victim to all sorts of chancers posing as Stella. The feedback wasn’t great at all with Bab’Themba feeling that the story of his life had been sold as a cheap publicity stunt. The memories and wounds still sticking, he dismissed the whole affair.

Fast forwards to now, a couple of months later, Lefentse is walking through the corridors of Bambatha as the supposed granddaughter of Stella Sibanyoni, searching for Bab’Themba.

For Liyana, the girl was another fluke and although she could spot it a mile away, something about Lefentse pulled at the Bab’Themba’s sensibilities. If she looked genuine and sounded genuine, there was no reason not to believe her. He saw in Lefentse, a piece of his past that he’d been longing for.

But indeed it was a lie and Liyana was right all along. Lefentse was an imposter sent by a money-grubbing grand father who seems to know a thing or two about Bab’Themba. After a press briefing in which Lefentse was announced as the daughter of Bab’Themba’s long lost love, Stella, Liyana happened across a phone call that confirmed her suspicions.

Now that Bab’Themba knows the truth about Lefentse, will she reveal the true identity of her grand father?

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