The Road: An encounter with Kofifi

26 October 2015
The Road: An encounter with Kofifi Image : 677
Themba Mashinini came to Sophiatown, a young writer with the gift of the gab. Brave enough go for the most oulike belle in Kofifi, deft enough to land the job as a journailist for the most popular magazine in town. Themba is the kind of guy that could make mistakes just as swiftly as he made friends, his charm often getting him into trouble with Sis Vicky and The Germans.

The young bachelor probably never thought he would grow old and nostalgic. With his unpopular views on marriage, was it unlucky that he fell in love with Stella. Who, he’d learn later on in his life, was the true love of his life?

Old Man Themba joins the set of Kofifi at the Bambatha studios. Ailing and filled with a sense of awe at how his life – which he penned in his autobiography Kofifi – is now the subject of a huge film production. Could he be haunted by a sense of regret at his choices in the past?

While Desmond took him in and showed him around, many don’t realize that he is the actual figure on which the whole tale of Kofifi is based. Kedi, in a her usual obnoxious manner, raised suspicion when she found the strange old man napping on set. It’s quite ironic that she plays Stella, with he fell in love.

We can’t wait for him to reveal himself! But with Zwelakhe dead and gone,will the remaining cast members truly understand just how important a figure Old Man Themba is?

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