The Road: Achilles heel

27 November 2015
The Road: Achilles heel Image : 727
He is a dark horse, but if there’s one thing you can trust about Mayor, is his dutiful safeguarding of Stella. Where she goes, he takes her there. Whatever she needs, he got her covered. Something of a pillar, he is moved by a sense of virtue.

Like most men of that period, Mayor had ties to The Kremlin Boys, a gang that rivalled The Germans over territory in Sophiatown. The rumour making the rounds is that they are back and this is not the kind of news Bogart wants to subscribe to.

The idea that Mayor may be linked to his enemy, not only makes him that, but it also makes him a target as The Germans see him only as a threat.

Oblivious to the target on his back Mayor becomes the perfect dupe. After learning that Mayor is a member of the Kremlin Boys Bogart is convinced his job as Stella’s bodyguard is a façade.

But the guy clearly has a weakness for a damsel in distress so this was the card that Bogart was going to play, in a ruthless game to trap and exploit him. He casts his fiery girlfriend Dodo, in the part of the damsel, defenseless against her boyfriends abuse.

She bats her eyelids, pouts a red lip, drops her petticoat and all but strips down to the nude, to get his attention. But it’s her plight that hooks Mayor in the end.

Will The Germans get what they want from him?

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