The Road: A man for himself

25 November 2015
The Road: A man for himself Image : 724

Zwelakhe has left a trail of destruction with his death. It’s no secret that the guy wasn’t a spotless paragon of virtue – with an infamous penchant for chasing a good looking woman every so often – but he clearly did a whole bunch of misbehaving when no one was watching. Sadly though, the repercussions of his misdeeds are felt beyond his grave.

Having dumped his bad debt onto his family, they are all either scrambling for a piece of the pie or drowning in heaps of scandal with Zakes affected the worst.

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Being the good Samaritan has done little for Zakes but earn him the titles of murderer and embezzler all alongside Silas. And they may have been in it together, faced Fickson Katanga and ended his constant threats, but this is clearly not enough reason for Silas to have Zakes’ back. Never one to be trusted, Zakes may have to learn that Silas is only out to watch his own back.

Just because Fickson is no longer, that doesn’t make him and his cronies and connects a non-factor. Far from it, the delirious Congolese war lord’s killing has invited even more problems.

Salome is another unlikely piece of the puzzle. She drops her cover as PR consultant and confronts Zakes about what’s been going on, only to reveal her own need to get to the bottom of a blood diamond dealing cartel at the deeper end of Bambatha’s graft.

Oblivious to what’s going on behind closed office doors, Monty still feels cheated out of his inheritance. Hungry for power he turns his back on Zakes and sides with Silas.

But Zakes may have a stronger partner in Salome. Will he take her up on her offer?

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