The rise of Skroef, the Black Italian

08 September 2017
In the beginning he seemed to be the underdog, but Skroef has proven himself to be a worthy and dangerous enemy...
inumber number the rise of skroef

It seems at first, Chili's Achilles Heel would be taking down his mafia boss father. However, an old enemy has risen from the cracks and threatens the young detective. in a matter of weeks Skroef has turned five street warming gangsters into a large gang feared by most. Who will take the win in the end? Skroef, Skhakhane or Chili?

Skroef came onto the scene as a defeated gangster sitting comfortbaly in his wheelchair. No one could have guessed that the strict father to Tony was also a criminal mastermind. But on iNumber Number, looks are often deceiving. 

We may have forgotten that the turning point for Skroef was a visit to a certain woman with healing powers. In something of prophecy meets spiritual instruction, Skroef was given the key to unlocking his strength and power again...he had to build a gang for himself and then take down detective Chili...the man who put him in the wheelchair in the first place. 

Ever since that day Skroef has been a different man, planning, strategizing and executing Chili's demise. Just when Skroef thought he could lay back and enjoy the small gains of his gang efforts, tragedy struck in the form of a new enemy giving him a new resolve. Skroef rose to his feet on the day Kong killed his only son. Skroef's revenge was nothing short of cold, calculated and fatal. He showed that he was The Black Italian that showed no mercy in his quest for revenge. We got a glimpse into the calamity that awaits an already weak Chili. 

Chili is a man with no regard for his own wellbeing in his quest to win. His obsessive tunnel vision tactics and the "end justifies the means" thinking get both in and out of hot water. However, with each week Chili is falling deeper and deeper into the world of crime, a world with rules he does not adhere to as a detective seeking justice. Will Chili's plan to take down Skhakhane? Is Chili still clear on what Skhakhane's crime really is? Is it that Skhakhane is something of an Alexandra war lord or is it because Skhakhane killed his mother? 

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Who will win the war? Skroef, Skhakhane or Chili?

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