The Ranakas: Sisterhood

03 February 2017
The bond between sisters is as strange as it is beautiful.
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Anybody with a sister will tell you, they are your best friend on some days, and the source of your frustration the next. You can go from sharing clothes and covering for each other with the 'rents, to pulling each other's hair and icing each other out. It's a crazy beautiful dynamic that can only be understood by the members of that sisterhood.

Last night on The Ranakas, while trying to explain the fight between the brothers Ranaka and Mzingisi, Dineo and Mpumi ended up getting into a cold war of their own, with first born and perpetual mediator Manaka caught in the middle. Many didn't understand the source of the tension, many didn't understand Dineo's need to apologise, and equally as many weren't able to wrap their heads around the awkward apology when it happened. But that's the thing with sisters; you'll seldom understand the inner workings of their relationship, but don't for one second doubt that their love is unconditional, and if you try to come between them, heads will roll.

But whatever the issue was last night, whatever issues remain between them, rest assured that the sisterly bond is and forever will be rock solid.