The Ranakas: Problem Child

10 March 2017
Ranaka got an icy wake-up call. Will it get him to start thinking of his future?
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We all have that sibling that gives our parents grey hairs, sometimes prematurely. They're the reason for family meetings, it's their name always being shouted by mom at the top of her voice, and they're the reason the term "black sheep of the family" is used. A lot of the times, the problem child also happens to be the last born. Coincidence?

Ranaka has really tested his parents the past few episodes. He's arrived impossibly late to his own celebratory braai, got into a fight with his elder brother, arrived home reeking of alcohol. With each incident, Mama Siba's tolerance levels sunk, and her anger rose. The straw that broke the camel's back was when Ranaka didn't wake up for work on a Monday morning, because he was nursing a hangover from the previous day. Mama Siba had had enough. She'd been saying Ranaka's days in the Ranaka house were numbered, and she felt it was time to do something drastic. She stormed into Ranaka's room with a icy jug of water and gave him the cold wake-up call he needed.

Will Ranaka get it together and stop causing Mama Siba stress? Time will tell.Β