The Queen vs the new queen!

18 May 2017
Harriet has been calling the shots for some time now, but it seems she has met her match. Is there a new queen in the Khoza house?
the queen vs the new queen

Harriet Khoza has been the undisputed head woman in charge of the Khozas since Shaka's many blunders following Mzi's death. She has faked her own death after successfully escaping an assasination attack by "masterminds" Brutus and Shaka. She has survived Jerry Maake and has even survived an army of Goldfinger's soldiers. Now, it seems her greatest and hardest enemy is Goldfinger's daughter. 

No one could have antcipated the turmoil Goodness would bring into the Khoza family. At first, some thought she was a rival drug dealer here to take the Khoza business. When she snuck into Kagiso's room and seduced him, she seemed to be a gold-digger making a bid on the most powerful Khoza brother. Now, she is far more dangerous and canniving.

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When Goodness finally revealed her true identity, her evil and scheming finally made sense. What remains unclear is how her plan of making Shaka fall in love with her will help her find out who killed her father as well as how to make that person pay. 


With Harriet out of the country, we thought her return would reveal Goodness' true nature to the Khozas. However, Goodness is outnumbered. Everybody loves Goodness including Princess Kea and it would seem that Kagiso is falling for her all over again. 

Goodness is not afraid of Harriet revealing her secret. So threatening her did not work. 

Goodness is not afraid of little Khaya either. She quickly handled him with a visit from former Bafana Bafana star Jabu Mahlangu. 

What will be the match that breaks Goodness before she breaks the Khoza family? Is there any escape for the Khozas? Has Harriet finally met her match? Is Goodness the new queen of the Khozas? 

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