The Queen: Crimes of Passion

09 February 2017
When a druglord who wears his heart on his sleeve falls in love...nothing can get in the way. Or can it?

There is little Kgosi would not do for those he loves, especially Harriet and her children. He is a man who wears his heart on his sleeve and nowhere is this clearer than in his relationship with Schumacer. However, people who wear their hearts on their sleeves are easily heart, and who knows what they will do...as Kgosi has well-proven. 

Ever since Kgosi came back from his trip to Columbia, he has been pining for Schumacer's attention. He bought him gifts, took him on expensive dinners and lunch, but it seems that old adgae is true...money can't buy you love. 

Little did Kgosi know his Schumacer had a new flame, or rather an old flame coming back to reignite passion. Not only that, but the flame was making some very insistant and life-changing demands on Schumacer. Who knew that Schumacer had it in him to make a commitment, although it would include a side serving of Kgosi. 

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It's difficult to say if Kgosi murdering Glory is a crime of passion or just paying-off-someone-gone wrong. With R100 000 in hand Kgosi tried to pay Glory to run away and leave his precious Schumacer alone. She didn't. It was only a hop, skip anda jump before the poor girl was dead on the floor. Did Kgosi mean to kill Glory? Or was it truly an accident? How will he live himself after having killed her? Will he get away with it?

What about the role Brutus played in all this? Would things have gotten so out of hand if Brutus had kept his nose out of Schumacer and Kgosi's relationship? 

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The Khozas are skiled at getting themselves out of sticky situations. Can Harriet help Kgosi get out of this one. 

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