The Queen: Blood shed, blood ties and new blood

26 July 2017
The trouble is not over, it's only just beginning.

It’s been a whirlwind of emotions that’s ended in tears and regret. Like thieves in the night corrupt power and ghastly greed drove by with sinister intentions leaving Jerry Maake the regrettable casualty in the cross-fire. Yup, the Queen has pulled the trigger and done it again!

Looking back over the past couple of weeks Harriet has gone from the brink of depression and death to the outright cold blooded murder of a cop. She was even tormented by the ghost of Mzi when her beloved Kagiso, turned his back on her. But while we are well aware of the depths of Harry’s self destruction this particular bout of dishonourable conduct as the Goodness Mabuza written all over it.

The straw that broke the proverbial camels back came in the form of a recording where Harriet admits to the premeditated murder of Mzi, both Kagi and Shaka’s father. In possession of this incriminating confession Goodness was determined to hand it over to Jerry and destroy Harriet for good.

But Harriet got wind of Goodness’ plans and a killing spree ensued. She simply had to put a stop to Goodness. She would do it by any means necessary too.  

The snag sadlly is that Jerry’s death seems to have been in vain after Goodness missed the bullet.


Is this the beginning or is it the end?

There may be evidence to the hills that Jerry has indeed been burnt to ashes and left for dead in his own home but the jury is still out. Is there a possibility that Jerry escaped?

There is one thing for sure though, the drama is far from over. While Harriet rests on the delusion that her troubles have gone up in smoke, there is a sense that Goodness will not rest until she destroys Harriet Khoza.

The queen was never ready!

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