The Queen: An eye for an eye

29 August 2017
Another one bites the dust.
Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 4.11.31 PM

Shall we forget about justice? In world run amok by the almighty Khozas then we might just have to. Holding onto a moral ground only complicates one’s life further when trying to identify the victim from the perpetrator. Bad won the war when Harriet looked into the face of good cop Jerry Maake and fired the bullet that killed him before setting his house alight and sending him up in smoke.

So, all that is left is bad and ‘bad bads’!

Gracious came into the picture just as Jerry took his last breath. She entered the scene with a clear and unapologetic intention to draw battle lines against the Khozas. Gracious Mabuza is not here to be bullied by Harriet and her cronies Brutus and Shaka. Especially after an attempt on her life ended up taking Jacobeth’s. Another Mabuza bites the dust.

Numerous physical attacks later, the Khozas have successfully left a bitter taste in Gracious’ mouth. This queen is hungry for revenge. The kind where blood is spilt and the playing fields are evened out.

As our favourite uncle stares death in the face in a predicament of his own making, The Gracious One has moved the target from her own back. Is Brutus going to come out on the other side in a body bag? Whose brutal murder is next on the hit list? A Mabuza or a Khoza?

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