The Parties Are Over, What Happens Next?

09 May 2018
Everyone has thrown a party – welcome to phase 2 of #UltimateHouseParty!
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Everyone left in #UltimateHouseParty has thrown an event – poor Maiphephi had to leave last week before even organising a bash.

So, this week we’re spicing it up - and making it extra cold. Seven remain, but three will be leaving this Thursday from 21:30. The Wheel of Fate is gone, but the party isn’t over yet.

There are no longer two teams, so all seven will work together. The judges have picked a theme – one that featured in the season already but wasn’t done well – and this theme is revealed by our guest of honour.

The potential party-starters will have to pitch their ideas on remixing the theme to Zulu and Carpo, and the best 30-second pitch will earn that person the right to throw the party. Warning: some of the pitches are ‘wack’, and there are other cool surprises for the winner.

Time is tight though, and the machines added to the mix to make the party pretty aren’t working, which creates some heat for one of the team members. But there’s a sassy short-cut! It’s not the only challenge: Tol A$$ Mo is having some issues at the food station…

The party is pretty lit though – and even when the music is cut, the madness continues. This just makes the elimination all the more difficult… One contender is eliminated by a group majority; the rest have to plead their cases to the judges. For two, the judges’ decision is final.

Prepare for a shocker…