The other side

19 June 2017
Bantu has ventured into the other world to save his son. Will he come back from the dead alive?
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It is the sacrifice any good father would make to save his son from the jaws of death. But will Bantu be the one to be clenched and forever remain on the other side because of his quest of love? Will Phumza lose a son and a husband?

There is no end to S'chotho and NomaRussia's tricks to win the throne by any means necessary. From the list of names they have taken, failed attempts to kill Bantu, trying to make Phila king, bringing back Jonga from the dead and now, kidnapping the new and defenceless royal son, only just a few days old.

With Bantu in his ancestral cave and the baby there with him, there is nothing standing is Jonga's way of revealing himself to the royal family as someone who has come back from the dead and taking the throne. Nothing, excpet one person...Babalwa his wife. Babsie showed a surprising conscience and guilt when she put two and two together and found out Jonga had kidnapped the royla new-born. She is the only one who knows his deep desire for the throne and the lengths to which he will go to get it. However, will she risk her chances of being queen at Jonga's side and alert the world to his misdeeds and kidnapping?

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The throne is for the taking, but the team that his put this plan in motion seems to be after very different sides of the same coin. NomaRussia wants her son on the throne so she can be the Queen Mother. S'chotho wants Jonga on the throne so she can be the queen at his side. They both want Jonga on the throne, but NomaRussia is unlikely to allow Jonga to marry someone like S'chotho!ย 

Can Bantu return to the throne in time? Will S'chotho get her wish to be Jonga's queen at is side? Will NomaRussia risk losing her greatest dream just to make sure S'chotho is not at Jonga's side?ย 

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