The Mzansi Magic Alphabet

26 November 2021
Spell your name using our shows alphabet and there you have your weekend binge or live viewing on the DStv app and Showmax.
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Get your Showmax subscription on ecause it's about to get entertaining! 

Aa - #AbomamaMzansi

If you’d still like to be taken to church on weekdays or weekends you can still watch Abomama season 1 and 2 on Showmax.

Bb – #LoveBackMzansi

Valentine’s is coming, where is your…? If you looking for inspiration and tips on how to rekindle an old flame, watch all five seasons of Love Back on Showmax.

Cc – #LockdownMzansi

What is better than watching a thrilling season of Lockdown? Binging all five seasons in one weekend on Showmax

Dd – #DiepCity

Mzansi Magic’s youngest and newest telenovela is the hot new kid on the entertainment block! Did you know that you can get early access to DiepCity on the DStv app? That’s getting all the drama and action a day before it airs on Mzansi Magic where you can also livestream it on the DStv app every Monday to Friday at 20:30 > 

Ee – #eHostelaMzansi

If entertainment to you means guns, action, thrill and chase and a complex storyline than eHostela is your thing! Stream season 1 and 2 on Showmax

Ff – #FacetoFace

If messy with a chance of reconciliation and healing is your flavour then tune into Face to Face every Tuesday at 20:00 on Mzansi Magic DStv channel 161. 

Gg – #Gomora

The Beyonce of Mzansi Magic telenovelas – need we say more. We know you can’t miss a second of #Gomora every Monday to Friday at 19:30.

Hh – #HousekeepersMzansi

Calling all Linda stans, if you liked seeing your girl going undercover so much that you need to live the thrill and goosebumps twice, you can watch season 1 and 2 of Housekeepers on Showmax.

Ii –#IdolsSA

Berry has been crowned the fairest voice in the Mzansi land and if you still want to see more of her and the other contestants' performances, visit the Idols SA page on our website. 

Jj – #GrootboomAndSons

It is clear Funeka has long fingers and is out to get her hands on her family’s legacy but what is she hiding and who is she hiding from? Tune into #GrootboomAndSons every Monday at 20:00 on Mzansi Magic.

Kk – #Umkhokha

If you’re not afraid of Mzansi’s deadliest villain, MaMzobe; you can catch her every Sunday a 20:00.

Ll – #LeboMComingHome

If you missed the reunion, you can catch #LeboMComingHome season1 on Showmax

Mm – #MnakwethuMzansi and #MnakwethuHEA

It’s every wife’s nightmare in Mzansi, hearing Musa Mseleku’s voice in your yard shouting, “Basopa makoti, welanywa!”. For the rest of us, it makes great entertainment. You can re-watch all the new families created through polygamous marriages on Mnakwethu and Mnakwethu Happily Ever After all on Showmax.

Nn – #uTatakhoMzansi

If you are looking for an emotional rollercoaster, #uTatakhoMzansi is recommended viewing. Watch all 8 previous seasons of people embarking on the journey to finding belonging on Showmax

Oo – #MzaliWami

If you love a beautiful mother-daughter story then Mzali Wami is for you on Showmax. Tip: Get those tissues ready because #MzaliWami will turn on the waterworks

Pp – #PleaseStepIn

Need some advice? You could call a friend or spend hours with a professional when you binge watch all seven seasons of Please Step In on Showmax.

Qq – #TheQueenMzansi

What’s better than tuning into The Queen every Monday to Friday at 21:30 via livestream on the DStv app? Binge watching all the previous seasons on Showmax to get your fix when you’re all up to date.

Rr – #DMFMzansi

Your fav is back! Date My Family is on your screens this Sunday at 18:00 but if you just can’t wait, binge previous seasons on Showmax to get you warmed up.

Ss – #SaintsAndSinners

A Sunday night fav but now you can watch previous seasons of Saints and Sinners any day of the week on Showmax.

Tt – #TheThroneMzansi

If royal telenovelas are you thing, you’ll love watching or re-watching season 1 of  The Throne on Showmax.

Uu – #uThandoNesthembu

Our favourite family is on your screens every Thursday at 20:00. But if you’re more about the evolution of the Mselekus, you can binge season 1 to 4 on Showmax.

Vv – #IsthunziMzansi

If award-winning drama is your flavour, then get the popcorn and the tissues because Isthunzi is the girl she thinks she is on Showmax.

Ww – #TheRanakas

The quintessential African family is always a Thursday #FamilyMeeting fav. But since family time with The Ranakas on your screens is on pause, you can press play and watch all previous seasons of the reality show on Showmax or even watch previous seasons of Dineo's Diary on Showmax

Xx – #IgaziMzansi

Who doesn’t miss spine-chilling Sundays with the Igazi cast? Re-watch all the previous seasons of your fav Sunday drama on Showmax.

Yy – #Isibaya

Isibaya was not just a show but an entire era. Relive the 8 seasons of Isibaya magic on Showmax.

Zz – #IzangomaZodumo

Follow the lives of two traditional healers who after they initially ignored their calling, find themselves having to juggle between their new found gifts, “larger than life” social lives, relationships and professional careers on #IzangomaZodumo.