The movie festival continues...

04 June 2015
The movie festival continues... Image : 480
In no time at all, we will experience, yet again, the movie collaboration between The Daily Sun and Mzansi Magic as the movie festival continues. With a series of seven movies to be shown, only four of these were aired throughout the first half of the festival in March 2015 and the rest of the movies will air throughout the month of June 2015.

The movies tell stories that are relevant to the lives of viewers and are inspired by the people’s paper, The Daily Sun. These are proudly South African productions that display creative genious and equally show off real Mzansi talent!

The movies will make you feel a variety of emotions; the content will shock you, make you laugh, make you scream and take you to a supernatural world that your imagination may have not explored in its entirety.

For the rest of this month you will see the remaining three movies that are part of The Daily Sun and Mzansi Magic movie festival: The Magic Statue (05 June 2015), The Blood Sucking Beast (12 June 2015) and The Haunted Wardrobe (19 June 2015).

First up this week is The Magic Statue. Two crooks are sent on a devious mission to steal a sacred statue that protects a small village on the outer skirts of town. A powerful sangoma from the village is then sent on a quest to retrieve the statue and bring it back to the village and its people. The two crooks become cursed as the statue is powerful and knows where it doesn’t belong. After a series of unfortunate circumstances the two crooks and their boss are arrested and the sangoma returns the to the village with the statue.

Watch here for a sneak preview:

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