The mother-daughter bond – DiepCity

10 May 2021
They may not be perfect but when times get tough, MaShenge and Nox can get the job done.
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It is impossible to find a perfect mother on Mzansi Magic. Some are running a hi-jacking syndicate, others are running a cocaine cartel and some just can't seem to let go of the hurtful past. However, one thing about our Mzansi queens is  that they love their children and when they team up with their daughters, they become a force to be reckoned with.

You don't want to stand against one of Mzansi's moms and their daughters when there is a job to be done; whether that is resurrecting a failing business or finding a kidnapped sibling. Teamwork makes the dream work, in this case, mother-daughter make the dream work.

Thanditjie and her daughter Nox have the most tumultuous relationship on Mzansi Magic screens. MaShenge blames her daughter for the death of her son and it is an incredibly deep and difficult pain for her to let go of.

We all know that what happened the night Sbu died is not Nox' fault but in a bid to pass the blame, MaShenge will just not forgive Nox. 

That was until Lungile, her other daughter was kidnapped and she had no one to turn to but the daughter she hated. Nox humbled herself and stood by her mother's side as they tried to raise the funds to pay back the mashonisa that had kidnapped Lu.  From trips to the police station to hosting a car wash and making sure her mother was in the right frame of mind,, Nox was on top of things.

You may be quick to say Nox carried the burden alone, but it is something to help a parent carry the load of losing a second child and you cannot deny that when MaShenge and Nox were working together and putting their differences aside, they were at their strongest.

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