Is this the end for Isithembiso's most powerful family?

24 October 2018
Banzi and Claudia have had to sign away their entire estate shortly after the death of Junior Motaung.
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Banzi and Claudia have been on opposite spectrums since the divorce trial and settlement, earlier this week Cheryl came back with a vengeance and teamed up with David to plot the dethroning of the Motaung's. In just two days they have found themselves broke and homeless ! Is it a case of what goes around comes around or do they have a dark cloud hanging over them? 

We give you a timeline of their downfall:

  • Banzi is jailed 

Banzi violates a young student who is the same age as his daughter. He goes to jail for his crimes and the Motaung name is tarnished. It was a tough time for everyone involved, and Banzi's reign was put to a halt with Claudia taking over the family business. Banzi comes back and struggles to find his feet while Claudia lives her best life. 

  • The divorce nobody won 

Claudia filed for divorce and saw Banzi's tarnished reputation as a chance to break free from her marriage. The marriage had become a business arrangement with no feelings of love felt for the other. Claudia and Banzi started a smear campaign that was meant to help them win sole custody of the children - but no one won. Palesa and Junior knew they were a pawn in their game and decided to split parental visits to frustrate their parents. 

  • The Axis 

Claudia managed to worm her way into a deal with the mayor (Tshivambu), around a property development plan that would make Claudia a very wealthy property mogul. Banzi heard wind of this and managed to do everything in his power to destroy it. This included sabotaging potential investors and discrediting the mayor so The Axis would not have anyone’s backing. He unfortunately took it too far when he ordered a hit during a student rally protesting against the mayor. 

  • The loss of Junior

Banzi did not know that Junior would be at the student protest and this would result in him getting shot and killed, The Motaung family suffered a huge loss and mourned Junior because of the war around The Axis. 

  • The loss of  Santa Barbara 

Cheryl doesn't play no games! Just when they thought they would have a break, a long time enemy teams up with David and The Motaung's are forced to sign everything away! This means they are now left with no estate, buildings or money. Except the club, but we all know it doesn't make any money!

  • The loss of Tshepo

Mam Dolly was lenient enough to give Claudia and Tshepo a place to stay, but soon afterwards Social Services were knocking at the door to take Tshepo away! The false accusaions of abuse don't help considering that Tshepo has stopped talking. Claudia is going through the most! 

The Motaung family always seem to bounce back, this time however, they might have taken too many blows! Now that Banzi and Claudia are no longer in the same camp, how will they overcome this? Tune in to Isithembiso weekdays at 19:30 to see how it plays out!