The many faces of Tumi Morake

02 July 2015
The many faces of Tumi Morake Image : 510
Tumi Morake is a hilarious, hilarious genius. She needs to be, she's a comedienne. She also needs to be very expressive with her face, because in her line of work, being animated is very important. On the past two seasons of Our Perfect Wedding, she put that ability to let her thoughts be written on her face to good use, and the results were some facial expressions that were priceless. With each wedding, there were moments of shock, wonder, more shock, hilarity, nail-biting tension, concern, race-against-the-clock, and even more shock. Our host was there to paint all those moments on her face. We've put together some of the best Tumi Morake facial expressions on season 5 of Our Perfect Wedding to bid her farewell. She's been a fantastic host.

Kitso and Nkulueko
Who can forget the moment in the bridal boutique when Kitso's mom wanted to let Tumi, and the rest of the viewing audience, know just how much she coughed up for Kitso's gown. Tumi did not see that coming. She went from, "I beg your pardon" to "I'd really rather you didn't", because she thought it cause other brides to be really depressed about the price of their dresses.

David and Dinah
Cars played a vital role in this wedding, and one particular car tickled Tumi's senses. The garage door rolled up and revealed a classic car that would transport the bride on her big day. It was all a little too much for Tumi, who is obviously a fan of classic cars.

Mphile and Andile
The bride was described as a control freak, and the evidence very quickly revealed itself not far into the episode. Andile had just strutted out in his suit for Tumi and his bride to see, but Mphile quickly pointed out that the pocket square didn't look right, and in her hands went to correct the fold. As if she could see Tumi's face behind her, she quickly retorted, "I'm not a control freak!"

Thomas and Lungile
Tumi used the bride's mini-knobkierrie to issue a warning to potential "side chicks" that was meant to be chilling, but ended up just being hilarious! "We're watching you, side chicks. Keep away."

Msizi and Zanele

Tumi sat with Msizi and Zanele to go through what needed to be done ahead of the wedding. She asked, "So what are your wedding colours?" and she was answered with "spirit and silver" by the bride. Her face says, "I have no idea where spirit is on the colour wheel but I'll just pretend it's probably really fancy."

Bongani and Zandile
Tumi crouched down in the thick of an eShowe veld to talk to the bride, who had been dressed and ready to wed by 5am. Not seeing a house in sight, she asked Zandile where she and her bridal party be get dressed. Zandile's answer - right here. "Right here?" Tumi asked, just to be sure she'd heard correctly. But there wasn't even a partition to hide their nakedness behind.

Wesley and Faith
There were quite a few moments during this wedding that had Tumi's jaw on the floor. Like when Wesley explained, two days before the wedding, that lobola had still not been paid and that lobola negotiations would take place the next day, on the eve of the wedding! Her face says, "What!" then "Wait, wait" then, "Let me get this straight."

Then there was the moment she came along to collect the cake with the couple. The baker greeted in Xitsonga, Tumi managed a sort-of-Xitsonga response that even she was not convicted about. The baker said something else to Tumi, but her Xitsonga words-and-phrases bank was unfortunately depleted, and she sort of mumbled a response that could have been Xitsonga, could have been Yiddish, could have been Slovakian. Her face says, "What on earth did I say?"

South African won't soon forget the kiss that broke the Internet, and neither will Tumi.

Tumelo and Super
On the season finale, Bapedi couple Super and Tumelo were strict and proud adherents of Sepedi culture. One of their cultural practices that had Tumi pulling an incredulous face was that of having the bride simulate sleep with the groom's male cousin, in a small room under one blanket, so that the cow being slaughtered wouldn't resist death. Her face says, "The groom's cousin, you say?"

Thank you for sharing the season with us, Tumi. You've been amazing.

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