The lost queen

20 June 2017
Just when Sizwe found the light in his life, she was taken away. Can he find her before she is gone forever?
isikizi the lost queen

For so long after his mother's tragic death, Sizwe has been a soul lost in darkness. That was until KwaKhanya came into his life and brought a light he never imagined could heal. Will he ever see that light again?

When Mcethe came on the scene, there were warnings of an evil force arriving in Ngoqo land. However, none of us could have ever imagined the extent of Mcethe's evil. First he killed so many to "strengthen" himself, then he wrapped up Mvezo in his evil deeds, going as far as to get him to take a shot at the king. 

With Mvezo in jail, the village thought it could finally rest knowing no more blood would be shed. However, Mcethe's hunger for blood could not be quenched. Something that could finally have him caught. 

Just when Sizwe thought he had escaped darkness with the arrival of KwaKhanya, a new darkness lays waiting for him. What will Sizwe without the light and love of his life, KwaKhanya?

Mcethe has killed his own flesh and blood, royal blood in his quest for the throne. Now, he has also kidnapped KwaKhanya. While the whole village is searching high and low for Queen KwaKhanya she is housed up in Mcethe's lair. 

Can Sizwe get to KwaKhanya before the evil Mcethe loses patience with her and leads her to the same fate as the others? Is there hope for KwaKhanya or has Sizwe lost the light of his life?

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