The last of our Daily Sun Movies: The Haunted Wardrobe

19 June 2015
The last of our Daily Sun Movies: The Haunted Wardrobe Image : 496
The last movie of The Daily Sun and Mzansi Magic collaboration airs this Friday, 19 June at 19:30. The Headline movie festival ends with “The Haunted Wardrobe”, this being the seventh movie of the series.

Lunga, Sphiwo and Thandi are three students who move into a house that they will share whilst they go through their tertiary life. Having little storage space they decide to buy a wardrobe for one of the bedrooms in the house. With little money to spend the students are forced to buy a used wardrobe which they find at the back of a furniture shop. Settling in to their new home, the students start to live their lives until things take a turn for the worse. After hearing voices in their heads, seeing things around the house and behaving strangely, they investigate the wardrobe to find a paper leading them to the previous owner - Jojo.

Having pleaded with Jojo, he decides to help them only to scuffle with the students and lose his life. With no one to turn to, the students decide to burn the wardrobe with Jojo in it, at a nearby bush. Upon returning to the house, the students realise that they have been under a trance and that the wardrobe is still in the house. With nowhere to run the students realise that their horror has not yet ended.

Watch a sneak preview of the movie here:

Lead actors in this movie are Andy Ledwaba (plays Thandi), Sipho Myeni (plays Jojo), Reggie Hoffman (plays Sphiwo) and Tiyiselani Kubayi (plays Lunga).

Andy Ledwaba has worked on a few short films and has had a lead role in a film called “The Line”, where she played the role of Jane. She also had a cameo role on an SABC 1 series called “Mutual friends” where she played the role of Penny.

Reggie Hoffman studies television, drama and production at the Durban University of Technology. He has done a lot of theatre work, havng been to the Masakhane community theatre (Soweto) and Musho International Theatre Festival (Durban). Reggie plans to do more television work and still continue witht theatre work.

After studying drama and graduating from the Durban University of Technology, Sipho Myeni started out by attending Duma Ndlovu’s DNA acting work
shop, in 2012. He also did a corporate gig with Sasol Mining through a company called Unplugged. He then joined the Don’t Look Down team in 2013 when they shot the first version of Ke Mang and in 2014, shot Nyaope Indaba and Finding My Way Home with them. He is currently working behnd the scenes as a director of one of Mzansi’s biggest soapies, Muvhango.

Tiyiselani Kubayi caught the love for acting after shooting a few comedy skits with his friends. He has also been involved in several photo shoots for various
Publications; earlier on this year he shot and acted on the first ever black love story based on still pictures with the infamous pan African magazine called Chemurenga. This 29 year old is on the verge of shifting what fine Art is known as to most people by doing almost every element there is in the book of Art.

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