The Joyce fight – Mzali Wam

24 March 2021
From the moment she was stolen at birth, Joyce has not stopped fighting for her daughter.
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It seemed Joyce’s heartbreak would never end. She gave birth to a daughter after years of trying to conceive only to have her stolen just hours later by Sibongile in Joyce’s moment of weakness. 

On that day, Joyce also lost her husband who decided to marry a second wife because Joyce had given birth to a girl instead of a boy.

From those moments on Joyce was never the same but she held on. She opened an orphanage to fill the void in her heart for her daughter and though she never had more kids of her own she became a mother to many.

When she was finally reunited with her long-lost daughter Iminathi, she had to fight her husband’s human-trafficking ring, some jail time and a pathological liar in Sibongile.

However, with calm and grace and a level-headed strategy, she was able to win her daughter’s heart back with the truth. She never lost hope, never gave up and even went as far as going back to the in-laws who had mistreated her some 20 years ago to prove her love to her daughter, and in the end it paid off. They are reunited, and it feels so good.

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