The healing power of love

04 October 2016
Alfred and Meisie showed us the healing power of love
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The nature of love is that it's a healer. Real, true, abiding love goes to the places in a person's life that have been ravaged by pain, rejection and dejection, and it acts like a balm. It soothes, it nurses, it heals. True love is a better medication than any doctor can prescribe. Our couple from last week's episode displayed this love trait in the most beautiful but heart-wrenching ways. Meisie carried twins and gave birth to them, but complications led to her losing all three babies, three days in succession. That's the kind of [ain that would drive anyone over the edge, but Alfred's love found her on the edge, grabbed hold of her hand, and gently pulled her back to safety. And a love that has withstood something that devastating is surely for keeps.

Despite the unthinkable loss this couple suffered, they managed to come out the other end strong and jovial. Their infectuous laughs and the way they gaze into each other's eyes shows that love paid them a visit, brought its balms and its bandages, healed them. and then stayed.

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