The future looks bleak – Umkhokha: The Curse

01 June 2023
MaMzobe’s marriage is on the rocks.
Umkhokha: The Curse S1 Mlungisi

Episode 64: The DNA test

Only a DNA test can secure the throne, but who will it come out in favour of? Nobuntu finds friendship in her newfound brother. Khulekani looks for answers but the door is slammed in his face.


Episode 65: The DNA results

The DNA results are out. Nomkhosi is distressed when Khulekani gives her terrible news. The council argues about Mlungisi’s bloodline.


Episode 66: We will not give up

MaNzimande refuses to roll over, no matter what. Khulekani digs himself a hole. Mlungisi’s parents refuse to give him up.


Episode 67: Becoming a Mthembu

The Mthembu’s seem to be losing power, as MaMzobe and Mlungisi infiltrate and get ready to take over the church no matter the cost. Nomkhosi makes a shocking discovery about her loving husband.


 Episode 68: Bad omen

Maphalala senses bad omen during Mlungisi’s cleansing. Nomkhosi decides to investigate what she’s come to learn about her husband’s job. Difa is discharged, but he has nasty surprises for MaMzobe.


Episode 69: The vault

Mlungisi is introduced to his inheritance and he is overwhelmed. Nomkhosi learns more secrets about her husband and she has had enough. Difa kicks MaMzobe out of the house.


Episode 70: Imoto entshotsha imali

MaMzobe gets the taste of her own medicine on the day they’re supposed to get the vault keys.. Nomkhosi makes a drastic decision after learning the whole truth about Khulekani. Zibuse puts Difa in his place.


Episode 71: Be still my child

Mthembu’s spirit appears to Siphamandla and gives him a cryptic message. MaMzobe discovers how deep the treachery from Zibuse, Mlungisi and MaShezi goes. Mlungisi celebrates a new windfall.


Episode 72: The future looks bleak

MaNzimande refuses to accept defeat. MaMzobe is given an answer about her marriage  that shocks her. Sibusiso pushes his own agenda while Mlungisi struggles to adjust to his newfound riches.


Episode 73: Lucky charm

MaMzobe’s marriage is in shambles, as Difa takes a huge step towards ending things with her. Mlungisi cements himself as a leader. Nobuntu picks a side in the family battle.


Episode 74: Caught

MaMzobe finally locates her enemies. MaNzimande learns the truth about the vault. Sibusiso starts making grand moves to secure Nokubonga a place as Mlungisi’s wife.


Episode 75: Rituals

Mlungisi starts stripping Siphamandla off his first born right title. Zodwa plays mediator, but it backfires in her face and Nobuntu’s parting escapade ends in tears.


Episode 76: Take a bow

MaNzimande is crushed when the last person she expected bows before the new leader. Nokubonga shares a big secret with Nobuntu about Mlungisi. MaMzobe learns news that shatter her heart.


Episode 77: The right hand

MaMzobe’s troubles escalate as Mlungisi and Sibusiso ride the crest wave and make changes within the church that negatively affect MaMzobe’s family. MaNzimande eats before Siphamandla and refuses anyone to bow to him anymore.


Episode 78: My way or the highway

Mlungisi send AmaJudiya into panic. Nobuntu finally gets the truth from MaMzobe. Khulekani is regretful about his decisions, while Mabusi longs to do what she loves.


Episode 79: Isambane

MaMzobe still has no part in Mlungisi’ ordination. The scales seem to tip on MaNzimande’s side when Maphalala makes a huge blunder during the ordination, summoning a very bad omen.


Episode 80: Shot gun wedding

While the cat is away, the mice shall play. Mlungisi and Nokubonga tie the knot. Zodwa and MaMzobe find an unlikely moment to share a sisterhood moment. In his hour of need, Khulekani gets a visit from an unexpected friend


Episode 81: Here for a good time, not a long time

A torn Maphalala is forced to severe the cord with his own blood. Mlungisi puts Mabusi in her place. Sthupha floods Khulekani’s apartment with homeless people.


Episode 82: Whatever we had, we had

MaMzobe gets the shock of her life when Difa returns with the most devastating gift. Maphalala and Sibusiso’s race goes to the wire.  Khulekani is not done shocking Nomkhosi.


Episode 83: Issues of faith Part 1

Difa has lost faith in the church. MaMzobe and Zodwa witness him doing something shocking. MaMzobe is against the divorce. Khulekani finds himself homeless and on the streets.


Episode 84: Impohlo

Sibusiso convinces Mlungisi to keep it in the family. After turning his back on his wife , Difa turns his back on his belief as well. Khulekani worms his way back home. The Gumede daughters discover shocking news.


Episode 85: Amanzi angena endlini

Difa and  an old flame rekindle their romance. Mlungisi’s plan blows up in his face and he is left looking like a fool. MaMzobe is unaware she’s getting closer to a snake in the grass.



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