The best of your favourite Mzansi Magic moments

27 August 2020
You’ve made your pick!
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We’ve taken you on a walk down memory lane so you can binge-watch and relive some of your favourite moments from Mzansi Magic’s top legacy shows. We’re pretty sure the nostalgia had you wishing these gems were still on your screens every night.

After a sea of passionate comments and weeks of picking your favourites, the results are in and now we have the pleasure of revealing your Top 10 moments!


Number 10

Sgubu’s triumph against Leo – Ingoma

Kicking off your Top 10 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Yes… that, unfortunately is what Leo turned out to be. Sgubu’s hustle to make it big in the music industry was met with many hurdles and dangerous encounters. However, this did not stop them from trying to fight for what belongs to them and they came out victorious. In his quest to release music that didn’t belong to him, Leo did not get very far as the group united and put all the pieces of the puzzle together to finally get rid of him.


Number nine

Vicky’s romantic date – Rockville

Mduduzi had one mission and one mission only on this particular date and that was to sweep Vicky off her feet. That he did! It was clearly a refreshing change of pace for Vicky to meet a normal and sweet man who didn’t place hectic expectations on her like the men she was used to dealing with in her line of work as a sex worker. We were living for this cute moment and evidently you were too!


Number eight

Tyson’s biggest fight yet – Lockdown

Thabazimbi Women's Correctional Services is never short of strife as we all know, and this moment brought us close to tears. We saw Tyson in a state we’ve never seen before, struggling to keep her head above water.  With Governor Beauty on her neck, this boxing match had high stakes and was nerve-wracking to watch. Losing simply wasn’t an option!


Number seven

Marashea divided – YA LLA

Betrayals and lies all came to the light and turned things upside down for the once united Marashea gang. A longstanding and ruthless power struggle led to a scary encounter that almost ended someone’s life but Lenka intervened making several efforts to set things back on course and restore the gang to its former state.


Number six

Gibson’s office affair – Saints and Sinners

Gibson Mosia! Who could ever forget him? A most cunning and unpredictable man who got us on the edge of our seats every time. He takes the sixth spot for his affair with Phindi. No one could have seen this shocking exchange coming and it got us screaming at the TV begging Phindi to not fall into his snare. Unfortunately, he succeeded in the end. As predicted by many though, that relationship sadly ended in tears.


Number five

The search for gold – YA LLA

Moving to the big city of gold to try and make a living can be both a daunting and dangerous leap and this rang true in Lenka’s case. His search for greener pasture takes the number five spot on your list of favourite moments. It was never going to be an easy transition but desperate to not go back home empty-handed, Lenka turned to dangerous and risky measures that left him in an irreversible circumstance and us, deep in our feels.


Number four

Nyawuza pleads with his father – Igazi

A moment we didn’t quite see coming. Nyawuza seemed like the quiet one who just rolled with whatever came his way. We would soon come to realise that he’s very vocal when it comes to matters that he’s passionate about. One such matter was fighting to make sure that boys get circumcised at hospitals instead of going to the mountains, a cause whose success looked promising all thanks to the support he received from his father.


Number three

The painful struggle to conceive – Uthando Nes’Thembu

Taking the number three spot is the Mseleku family whom we’ve loved watching as they navigate life in a polygamous marriage since Season 1 of Uthando Nes’Thembu. Watching the other wives interact their children hasn’t always been easy for MaKhumalo and in this highlight we see her open up about her painful struggles with conception. If there’s anything good that came out of this touching moment, it would be Bab’Mseleku’s reaction and support. It left us feeling warm and fuzzy but also hopeful for a life filled with beautiful children for the couple in the future.


Number two

Boni gets publicly shamed in the worst way – Saints and Sinners

From a strained relationship with her mother to discovering only later in life that she had an older brother, Boni, portrayed by Emmy-Nominated actress, Thuso Mbedu, didn’t exactly have the happiest life.

School seemed like the breath of fresh air and happiness that she needed especially when she developed a liking towards the resident bad boy, Nkosi. Unfortunately, Nkosi turned out to be exactly who we thought he was and Boni’s happiness was short-lived after he embarrassed her by broadcasting in front of their whole class an intimate moment between them instead of their assignment. Suffice it to say, he wasn’t a fave anymore.


The number one spot

Bantu’s claim to his throne – Igazi

The story of a royal family in conflict over the throne and at war with magical forces of darkness came onto our screens and to say it left a mark would be an understatement. The show served up some unforgettable moments and one in particular is when Bantu finally overcame his demons and accepted his destiny. This has been a firm favourite and looking at how much it shook us, we can totally understand why it came out on top!


Well then, those were the Top 10 moments from our legacy shows chosen by you! South African stories is where it’s at and 10 years later we still say, Uzogcwala NgoMzansi!

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