Thandeka and Sibusiso’s Big Day

26 March 2018
Everything that went into making their wedding perfect.
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Being one of the first couple from their village to appear on the show, Thandeka and Sibusiso wanted to ensure that everything was perfect.

Nerves started kicking in the day before the wedding, as the couple had to check up on their décor, the bride’s wedding gown and their traditional attire. Now, their décor designer went all out and came up with two different designs for them, using the colours royal blue and lemon. They couldn’t be happier!

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Thandeka had a brief moment of disappointment when she was told she wouldn’t be able to fit her wedding gown when she went to pick it up, but luckily, she was able to try it out a while later.

For their traditional wedding, Thandeka and Sibusiso went for the Zulu attire. One could think they’re seeing double, as Thandeka and her twin sister, who’s also one of her bridesmaids, stepped out in matching outfits. Apparently, it’s sort of a “thing” for them, as they always wear matching outfits during big events.   

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With that, Thandeka and Sibusiso ticked off all the items on their Wish list and had themselves a perfect wedding.

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