Taking the fall

24 May 2017
The only person who knows of Mcethe's deeds is in prison. Will Mvezo reveal the truth in time?
taking the fall

To call Mcethe a fair waether friend would be an understatement. He and Mvezo were bosom chums when he began executing his evil plans to take over the throne by blood sacrifices. Now, Mcethe has his only friend taking the fall for his sins. Can Mvezo ever catch a break? What will it take for Mcethe to be revealed to be the evil man he is?

When Mcethe came onto the scene, there was little way for Mvezo to see them an he truly was. He seemed nice, needed a place to stay and seemingly cared about the new village he had moved to. However, it didn't take long for Mcethe to reveal his true self. There is an old saying that evil prevails when the good do nothing. This was Mvezo's mistake.ย 

Mvezo's motives for working with Mcethe are not clear. It could be out of fear that he obliged but it could also be because of the promise of a better life. Since Mcethe's arrival, Mvezo moved out of his shack to live in better facilite on the local school premises, while Mcethe himself moved into the royal house and even went as far as marrying into the royal family. However, nothing in life comes without a price. it was not long before Mcethe had Mvezo holding a gun and shooting it at the chief. Nothing in life comes for free.ย 

Mvezo's price to pay was silence. It seemed the good in him struggled to hold his tongue in the face of Mcethe's cruelty. If there was one person mvezo cared about, it was his friend Lelethu. Mcethe being the evil man he is was quick to kill his friend and frame Mvezo for the murder. It seems Mvezo was an innocenet bystander in all this but it has cost many their lives.ย 

Is Mvezo an inocent bystander? Or is he more of an accomplice? Was he working under duress? What will happen when the truth comes out and Mcethe's evil is revealed but also Mvezo's initial willingness to help?

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