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13 October 2014
How well do you know your entrepreneurs?
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1) This technology mogul co-founded one of the largest software companies in history and revolutionised operating systems for personal computers and he has since become one of richest people on the planet. He now works full-time for his charitable foundation.

2) This famous entrepreneur was a high school drop out and started his career by peddling music. He now has more than 400 companies in his holding group and owns one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean.

3) Co-founder of a computer company and a leading exponent of the personal computer revolution, it was this entrepreneur's company than popularised the mouse as we know it today.

4) Born in 1984 in New York, this American entrepreneur is a computer programmer and is best known as one of five co-founders of a social networking website.

5) An American media mogul, this entrepreneur is the founder of a 24-hour news channel which set a precedent for dedicated media cable TV channels across the world. He is also one of the largest landowners in the USA.

6) An Australian-American business magnate, this man became Managing Director of Australia's News Limited which he inherited from his father in 1952. He is the founder, Chairman and CEO of a global media holding company. He owns numerous media houses across the world which outputs print and broadcast, one of which is a newspaper which goes by the same name globally.

Get your thinking caps on and let us know who you think these six greats might be, we’ll reveal the answers on Monday. Good luck now!

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