Something's Cooking: In the name of good food!

19 January 2015
Something's Cooking: In the name of good food! Image : 231

Something’s Cooking came as a pleasant surprise from the talented singer, J'Something. His fans celebrate him for his soulful voice in the band, Mi Casa, and were excited about the cooking show. The first episode of Something’s Cooking received a lot of love and support from J’s fans. Check out some of the love that came through on the launch of the show:

“The show was created because of music”, said J’Something in an interview with True Love. The singer explained that his music career comes with a lot of fun and less personal space which he craved and eventually sought.

In creating his own space away from the madness that comes with music, the singer began cooking and tweeting his kitchen creations. He received a lot of positive feedback which encouraged him to either publish a cook-book or have his own cooking show.

Soon enough, Something’s Cooking was born and it has been appetizing food after delectable meals! Take a look at some of the dishes that were nothing short of mouth-watering:

Coffee ice-cream

Brioche Bread

The first season of Something’s Cooking ended on a high note. J’Something rocked some Mexican vibes in the last episode of the season. Watch how he showed us how to prepare the popular pub snack: Jalapeno poppers:

Jalapeno poppers

Overall, you loved the show and here are some of your comments on some of the episodes:

And lastly, a word of thanks from the host for a great first season!

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