Something wicked this way comes

02 August 2015
Something wicked this way comes Image : 554
Something evil is brewing in the Protea Glen house, and Sunday Nkabinde is the one stirring the pot. An unsuspecting Thandeka got assaulted by terrible persistent headaches. She thought nothing of them at first, refusing a doctor's visit, and refusing to let her loved ones be concerned. But with each day, as Sunday continued to spin his dark magic, his medium of choice, Sbu's mom's beloved ring, continued to wreak havoc on Thandeka's health.

After Kaone found Thandeka unconscious for over and hour, she called Sbu, who rushed a disoriented Thandeka to hospital, dropping the ring on the kitchen floor. Mehlemamba picked it up, and senses a strange energy coming from it. After holding onto it for a while, pensive as he twirled it round his fingers, he gave it back to Thandeka, who put the source of her pain back on her finger. Will his past as Sunday's assistant come in handy, will he figure out that Sunday is up to his old tricks again? Meanwhile, Sunday declared that it was time for his diabolical plan to go to the next level.

Samson Ndlovu wanted his palm greased, and he did everything necessary to make it happen. Wanting nothing more than for the construction of the road to continue, Bhekifa and Zweli agreed to pay Ndlovu two million rand to compensate him for the road cutting through his family's land. Knowing that they had no other option, Samson upped his price to 4 million rand. Mpiyakhe was livid, unwilling to give Samson what he wanted, even at the cost of angering Chief Bhekifa, who decided to show Mpiyakhe who the chief was.

After giving the go ahead for the construction to begin, Mpiyakhe applied pressure on the chief by letting him know he would call a community meeting to let the people of Bhubesini know what would happen, against their wishes. Realising that Mpiyakhe was playing hardball, Bhekifa played back, spreading the news that Mpiyakhe wished for the construction to halt. That didn't go down well with the workers, who had begun working, and harbored an expectation to be paid. They revolted, they protested, and Mpiyakhe sensed who had sabotaged him.

Jabu tried so hard to get his icy father to thaw, but nothing worked. Both Fezile and Mancwane urged him to be patient with his father. After a sobering talk with her brother, Sengwayo started to see reason, and started to thaw, very slowly, towards his frustrated son and his efforts to do penance for his sins.

It looks like wedding bells are ringing in Bhubesini. After Qondi refused Bhekifa's offer to pay for her studies, Fezile made a labour of love and wrote her a cheque for R90 000 to finance her studies. It moved Qondi so much, she gave it back to him and urged him to use it for lobola. Slipping a mock ring on his finger, she asked him to marry her.