Slipping, falling, no one to pick Maru up

20 September 2016
Has Maru's luck run dry?

Secrets are pouring out faster than ever as Maru tries desperately to cover them. Ever since Nthatisi resurfaced from her sabbatical following the cruel killing of her mother, she’s been on a fearless mission to expose Maru for his lies and crimes in the name of both her perished parents. It’s still hard to believe that he murdered the both of them. But, it appears his day of reckoning is winding closer and closer by the day.

The guy is losing his allies fast. Zondo’s already sold him out for a neat buck thanks to a deal he cut with the King. Msomi is now lying in a hospital bed with very little options but to turn state witness against Maru. Too much power was the bad cop’s weekness. Much like Maru himself.

As for the Dlamini girls, they are being tricked and blackmailed right of Maru’s corner. And he is clueless. Sharon D made the worst kind of blunder, but in her defense, she was drugged by Xolani. One too many drinks and a Rohypnol and she sang like a canary. She revealed the truth about Tselane’s fake pregnancy and how they plan to replace the lost baby with Gabi’s, all while lying to Maru.

Maru’s has never been in the dark as much as he is now. It doesn’t help that he’s signing away all his assets and wealth to Tselane. Is there anyone left for him to trust?

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