Six types of Mzansi bad boys

14 March 2022
If a baddie is what you like, Mzansi Magic has the best of the worst. Here’s a look at them
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Ntokozo – The young blood

For all the tweens watching #Gomora, Ntokozo is probably a popular fav. He is the quintessential good boy goes bad and stresses his parents out. If you like a stubborn young man who doesn’t listen to anyone but his girlfriend, then Ntokozo is your type.

Phumlani – The new blood

It seems #Gomora has double the trouble because our next baddie is a fresh new face in Gomora, the famous and loved Phumlani. He has all the ladies of Gomora wrapped around his little finger and only Melusi can see through him, but who is going to believe a cheater, right? Phumlani is dangerous because no one knows just how dangerous he is. If you like a bad boy who makes waves while keeping a low profile, Phumlani is your type.

Lungelo – The pitbull

Terror called Lungelo “ Pitbull” and that would be one of the last words he ever spoke as he later turned up dead. There is so much we don’t know about Lungelo, especially now that he has been shot. What we do know is that he is strategic, has a little romance in him and loves the ladies, so if that is your type, get your man girl!


MK – The swindler

If your bad boy type is one who comes with a silver smooth tongue, then the national lover and pathological liar, MK is your guy. He is also a murderer, a cheater and a narcissist, are you sure you can handle all that bad? You really can do bad all by yourself.

Hector – The captain

He is large, in charge and older. If you like a man who takes the lead both in his career and in the relationship, then this is your man. He is connected, armed and dangerous but if he loves you, he’ll treat you like a queen because he’s got that old school love. He might even cook for you but he also just might put you on the coals if you cross him. If Harriet and Vuyiswa could fall for him, there is definitely something there. 

Mgedeza – The Gabhadiya

If gangster gangster loving is your thing, then Gede-Gede is your man. One thing about him is that he loves his woman but he hates everything and everyone else. So if you love a man that is dangerous but gets weak for you, this is your guy.


Stay tuned to Mzansi Magic DStv channel 161 to see more of your fav baddies.