Six things to do after the wedding

26 September 2015
Six things to do after the wedding Image : 628

So you've just said I do the love of your life, and you had your perfect wedding. Everything went off without a hitch, except for your cousin who got drunk and passed out. You're feeling so excited about your future together that you don't really care to think of all the important things you need to do soon after the wedding. Well, here's a list for you.

1. Have your wedding dress cleaned
Even if you don't think your daughter is going to wear your dress some day, it's a good idea to get your dress cleaned soon rather than later. You won't want to see 5-year-old champagne and sweat stains on it (gross!) when you pull it out of your closet to show new friends in the future.

2. Order your wedding album

After you've shared the digital images of your big day on Facebook, you might not be as excited to create an album IRL. But at some point, you'll probably want the actual photos, so schedule a weekend date with your sweetheart to choose your favorites and order your album. This is especially important if your album was part of your photography package—you don't want to forget about something you paid for!

3. Review your vendors
Remember how appreciative you felt when your wedding vendors made your day feel so magical and special? Express your gratitude by posting a great review of their business online. And don't just do it for them—do it for other couples who deserve to discover your amazing makeup artist or fabulous florist. It's just good karma.

4. Return or exchange any unwanted wedding gifts.

Even if you use a registry, duplicate and not-exactly-your-style gifts will still happen. So don't hold off on taking them back to the store and choosing something that's a better fit; if you wait too long, you may not be able to.

5. Send thank you notes.

Don't delay on this oh-so-important task; we suggest you and your partner block out some time on your calendars to take care of it as soon as your honeymoon is over. Avoiding it because you don't know what to say?

6. Legally change your name (if you're planning to, that is).
If you've changed your name socially but haven't made time to do it legally, take an hour to collect the necessary documents and get the ball rolling. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that you'll create more headaches for yourself.