Siphosethu’s quest for love – Date My Family

16 March 2021
When you want it, it’s best you stand up and look for it!
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Matters of the heart are never easy to tackle especially when your first hurdle is to look for that one special person who will capture your heart and do this life thing with you. Such was the case this past Sunday on Date My Family when we met God-fearing and family-orientated Siphosethu from Tembisa who was looking for the same qualities in a partner.

You tuned in and had your opinions about him, his potential dates and their families.


How long is too long?

Siphosethu’s singleness sparked quite the chat but more than that, it was the fact that he’s been single for almost three years that got the audience gagging! Some people couldn’t understand why people get so shocked when a person has been single for a number of years because life shouldn’t revolve around that…right? But many believed that there’s no way one can go that long without a “snack” or something at some point and really just simply don’t get it.


While we were still on that, Siphosethu shut it down with his explanation and your response to him saying being single is a gift was pure entertainment.


A multilingual man? He can stay!

The audience was all the way here for Siphosethu switching it up unexpectantly on his visit to the three families. Not only was the audience impressed with his looks and how well spoken he was, they also enjoyed hearing him talk one language after another and thought this was cool and so much fun to watch.


It’s a miss, Mandy

A mixture of emotions were felt about one lady in particular and that landed her on the trends list. Accountant, Mandy, is the lady who was one of the potential dates for Siphosethu who wasn’t willing to settle for anything but the best as she pointed out how she’s done well for herself at a young age and expect her partner to be the same. Many people applauded her for her achievements while some people were surprised that at the end she did indeed want Siphosethu to come back as he would, in her own words “miss out on the soft life” if he didn’t…which he didn’t but hey the quest continues.


It was Precious for everyone!

And the winner is…no no we kid! The beautiful Precious has her family to thank for representing her well enough for Siphosethu to properly gage the kind of person that she is and ultimately choose to go on a date with her. This was warmly received by the audience as she was the fan favourite and many people thought they would hit it off in more ways than one hopefully.


It started off so well but unfortunately/fortunately, depends how you choose to look at it, the faves stayed true to who they are and were not willing to sacrifice what they need in a partner and that meant there might not be a second date on the cards. 😔


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