Simi and Zamani's painful end – Isithembiso

08 April 2019
Just like that, our faves are no longer couple goals.
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Remember the days when Simi and Zamani were inseparable? It seems like it was just yesterday when Zamani started pursuing the sweet and innocent Simi. He soon became her protector, saving her on multiple occasions and winning her heart over in the process.  We thought these two were forever, but we have recently seen the demise of their relationship and we are in our feels! 

We give you a recap on our 5 favourite moments from our old couple:

When Simi risked it all for Zamani

Simi bought an exam paper from Zamani, and when she got caught and was faced with expulsion, she insisted on hiding his identity. 

When Zamani promised to buy Simi a big diamond ring

How beautiful was this moment? Zamani proposed to Simi with just a string on her finger, but a heart full of good intention!

When Zamani stepped up to father Simi's child

When Zamani found out Banzi would be released, he was willing to assume responsiblity for Banzi's child to save Simi. Always the hero! 

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The demise of the relationship

We don't really know what caused the demise in our couples relationship, but we know that when Ayanda showed up, all things fell apart. Can we really blame her for the demise of the relationship? Maybe our love birds have just outgrown eachother. Remember how it all went down?  Watch the clip below:

Simi later on confessed to sleeping with Siyanda, which was the nail in the coffin. Zamani moved out immediately.  It was a painful moment for all of us! 

Is it over for good? Or have our golden couple broken too many promises? Tune into Isithembiso weekdays at 7:30 pm to see how it all goes down!