Say yes to the dress – OPW

21 June 2019
A dress is the second most important decision after yes!
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Saying yes to the dress is a vital part to feeling like royalty on your big day. The last thing you want to do is look back at your wedding pictures and cringe. We've compiled a few tips that will get you looking and feeling like the bride you deserve to be. 

1. The perfect colour

No one says you have to stick to the traditional white, you could opt for ivory white, light gold and champagne colours, these can look exquisite as well. You can also opt for detailing that gives your dress just the right amount of pop.

2. The perfect fit

Always shop true to your size, don't purchase a dress based on your dream body, use your real body as a benchmark! Even adjustments can't help when your dress is too small. If you do manage to lose weight for your big day, you can also adjust when necessary.

3. Stay away from trends

Sometimes, trends can do more harm than good. While it's good to go on to the Gram and see what's popping, it's also good to stay true to yourself. If the bride is feeling uncomfortable, people can tell and it's not a good look.

4. Compliment your wedding season

Whether you’re having a winter, autumn or spring wedding, it's good to know what style of dress compliments that season. You can be airy in the summer, bohemian in the autumn, timeless in the summer or elegant in the winter. It's also  advisable to pick a dress that won't fight with your wedding venue. 

5. Have a trusted second opinion

We all know people have strong opinions, this is usually informed by their own personal style. Make sure you take an entourage that knows it's all about you, but who won't shy away from the unbiased truth. It takes a village to plan a wedding, and a little help from a trusted opinion goes a long way.

6. Try them all

It's always advisable to fit on a lot of dresses, even ones that might not be your style. You could be presently surprised. A lot of brides have a certain style on their minds, until they try on something and it blows them away. Don’t say no before you give it a go.